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My Vision:

Everybody owns a pencil. Maybe that pencil is a Staedtler, or maybe it is just a 2-hb that we learned to draw with in High School. That pencil is a tool, and for an artist, an extension of their soul. It doesn't matter how much it costs, not everyone can make that pencil do magic. But in the hands of Leonardo da Vinci, the type of pencil doesn't matter.

Hailing from Boston's world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University came a group of masterminds taking on the worlds greatest casinos in the card game of blackjack. Instead of just knowing when to hit or stand, they developed sophisticated card counting strategies, shuffle tracking, signaling, and hole carding to take down the house for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. They had a beautiful mind.

The camera is my tool, an extension of my soul. It is my pencil, it is my deck of cards. It is a passion, an expression of my mind. I capture moments that others might miss, and create visual reproduction of something that may only have been a memory. Photography is art, essentially a still shot of the brain; when that shutter snaps shut, just like a blink of an eye, that moment is stored. That moment is saved, it is remembered just as it was, forever.

I'm not going to leave you holding a picture in your hand as you tell a friend, "Well if you had only of been there....." Instead, I am going to put them in that moment, to smell the ocean air, to feel the breeze as a sunset closes out the perfect day. To capture that moment, is to understand the meaning of life. Because the greatest moments need to be remembered, just as they were. Beautiful, stunning, and vivid.